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Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ What is World Crypto Lotto?

A/ World Crypto Lotto is a decentralized online lottery. We are a Not for Profit Organisation that gives back to the players, by providing the best odds of winning millions from any traditional lottery system on the planet.

Q/ What is the price of tickets?

A/ Ticket prices are set to the equivalent of $10US in Cryptocurrencies. For example, if Bitcoin (BTC) is worth $10,000, then the price in bitcoin is 10/10,000 = .001 BTC. If Litecoin were valued at $200 per coin, then it would cost 10/200 = 0.05 LTC to purchase a ticket. Prices will be updated daily, please check the current price on the website before purchasing tickets.

Q/ What are the odds of winning?

A/ A maximum of 1,000,000 tickets will be sold in each draw, providing a 1:1,000,000 chance of winning. There will be one winner in every draw to receive the whole prize pool.

Q/ What portion of my ticket purchase goes into the draw?

75% of the ticket price will be allocated to the bi-weekly draw. A further 6% will be allocated to other draws, 1% will be donated to charity and the rest assigned to business overhead costs.

Q/ How do I purchase a ticket?                                                  

A/ Click the purchase ticket button on the site or click here and follow the prompts. If you get stuck, please contact us at support@worldcryptolotto.online.

Q/ I purchased a ticket and want a refund

A/ Due to the automation/decentralised aspect of the product we cannot issue any refunds.

Q/ What is the Affiliate Programme?

A/ Each draw, 1% of revenues will be allocated into an affiliate only draw. The only way to get a ticket is to refer a friend to our company. Every week, one lucky affiliate will be selected to receive the whole affiliate prize pool. We recommend participating in the affiliates draw wherever possible, especially while the company is still young. For the full Affiliates Programme T&C, please click here.

Q/ How do I become an Affiliate?

A/ To become an affiliate simply purchase a ticket into any of our draws and refer some friends. Whenever your referrals purchase a ticket, you will be rewarded with a ticket into the affiliate draw. Please make sure your friend lists your username and email address when registering to the website.

Q/ Do I have to be over the age of 18 to participate?

A/ Yes! We require our customers to be at least 18, with some exceptions. Please check your local gambling regulations to find the exact age requirement.

Q/ Will I have to share my winnings?

A/ Nope, with our ‘BitLotto’ Draw there will be only one winner.

Q/What will I be paid in?

A/ Your winnings will be paid out in BTC. If you don’t have a BTC account, we can assist with you creating one.

Q/ What do I need to get started?

A/ To get started you will need to hold one of our supported Cryptocurrencies. If you’re holding one of the Cryptocurrencies, you can purchase tickets here. You can also purchase Cryptocurrencies here.

Q/ Can I talk to a real person?

A/ Yes we have a Support email that you can contact us on, for general enquiries please email us at general@worldcryptolotto.online, or via Facebook messenger through our Facebook page.

Q/ Why is World Crypto Lotto creating their own Cryptocurrency?

A/ We’re creating our own Cryptocurrency, so we can provide our services to a wider audience. Once implemented, our coin (CLX) will be available for purchase on our website as well as multiple exchanges. We’ll be accepting payments in both Cryptocurrency and fiscal currency, allowing anyone to purchase our coins. A discount will be offered to anybody who uses our coins to purchase tickets.

Q/ Will you give out free tickets?

A/ No. We won’t be giving out free tickets to any of our draws.

Q/ How do I get CLX coins?

A/ CLX coins will go on sale on the 28th of April. The sooner a customer purchases CLX coins, the more bonuses they will get. We highly recommend participating in our Early Bird program to get the most out of your purchase. When CLX goes on sale we’ll post a link to purchase the coins on the Early Bird page, and here.

Q/ I have a good charity group that could use your help. Is there anything I can do?

A/ We would love to hear your recommendation! To suggest a charity please contact us here, we’ll be carefully reviewing each submission. If successful, a member of our team will be in touch to inform you of the outcome.

Got any questions that you want to ask? Contact us via Email or on our contact form.