Helping Hand Program -
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The Helping Hand Program

At World Crypto Lotto we understand that there are people in this world who are less fortunate than others, due to circumstances beyond their control. These circumstances might be caused by natural disasters, government corruption, geography, mental illness and more. That is why we’re going to make a difference.

With each ticket sold we will store 1% and donate this amount to various charities, chosen by both ourselves and our customers. We have created a form on the website in the ‘Helping Hand Program’ section, for anyone to put forward their favorite charity to our consideration. We will have our team compile the responses and then after each draw is completed, we will donate to that charity. Hence all ticket purchases help make the world a better place.

Please include the details of the Charity, Group or Persons in need for assistance and why.
If you wish to help out further we can accept donations to further boost our Helping Hand Program. Reach out to us via our email or donate to our BTC address: 1Eodp6N76ukR8U8CvVBsVGf3NgRbRvj2y7


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