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Matthew is an Entrepreneur and founder of World Crypto Lotto. He has always had a strong interest in business, beginning his first venture at age 9 with his road side stall.


By age 16, Matthew had worked in several different fields whilst studying, before being given the opportunity to become an operations manager at a successful transport company with a multi-million dollar contract to a large retail company. This is where his passions for business and management started.


After leaving the transport company, Matthew progressed into various management roles in a wide variety of industries, further developing his skills in business operations, legal, human resources, marketing and sales. Following his passion for business, in 2015, he launched his own successful online e-commerce store. The store is now being managed by Matthew’s wife while he continues to expand his business portfolio.


Matthew has developed a highly effective approach to business. Incorporating his sales tactics, work ethics, moral values and a strong positive mental attitude. Applied with World Crypto Lotto and its’ visions, He is going make a real impact in the digital market.




Jordan is the Chief Financial Officer for World Crypto Lotto. He is a savvy businessman, acquiring knowledge from years of experience investing in unique business opportunities.


In 2004, after completing business and legal studies, aged 18, he launched his own clothing brand exclusively online, which he later sold. Since that first success, he has pursued many different opportunities across a diverse range of fields, venturing into various investments including real estate development, transport, and e-commerce markets.


In recent times he has followed his passion, by assisting others as a business consultant; guiding business owners to overcome obstacles and achieve a level of success they never dreamed possible. Using his critical thinking abilities, creative methods of adapting modern technologies, and innovative ideas he has assisted businesses to grow and develop in the areas of marketing, profit, efficiency and intellectual property.


Now as we enter a new era of crypto currency and blockchain technology, Jordan sees real opportunities for now and the future and has invested accordingly. His aspirations are to help people obtain their dreams, goals, freedom, and happiness. There are exciting times ahead for World Crypto Lotto.




Daniel is the Chief Marketing Officer for World Crypto Lotto.  A highly educated individual, in high school he was ranked in the top 2% of the state for Mathematics, Science & Technology and has spent 6 years at University since. From 2012-2014, Daniel studied a Bachelor of Aviation at the University of South Australia, whilst taking flying lessons for his Private Pilot’s License. In 2015 he decided to pursue his passion for business by launching his first successful, fully automated ecommerce company.


After launching the company, in 2015 Daniel enrolled at the University of New South Wales (Ranked #4 in Australia by the Centre for World University Rankings) to improve his skillset. He’s currently in his third year of a double degree in Commerce and Economics, with majors in Finance, Financial Economics and Econometrics, achieving an average grade of 83.5%. For the past 15 months Daniel has been employed by the largest foreign exchange brokerage in America, aiding them in expanding market share in Australia.


Daniel has monitored the cryptocurrency market since purchasing his first Bitcoins in 2012. A savvy investor, he sold his Bitcoins in December 2017 at $19,500US after realising the market was to collapse. When Daniel was informed of World Crypto Lotto, he immediately realised the product would enrich people’s lives on a global scale and decided to focus his whole time and energy towards building the company.




Joel is a sales & customer service expert and business entrepreneur. At the age of 18 Joel worked for a multi-million-dollar business as a sales rep where he proved himself to be a talented closer: In his first month Joel beat the company record for most sales in a month; Joel was the number one sales rep in the company during the first financial year, with the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS). At the age of 19 Joel partnered with an American entrepreneur to cofound a successful online e-commerce business. Eventually selling his share in the business, Joel began to focus on other ventures.


For the past 24 months Joel has been focusing on developing himself further with sales/customer service training, business courses and development roles in other organisations.


His passions are for teaching others to become successful and he prides himself on the outcomes. Recently Joel was introduced into cryptocurrency and has become an avid investor. He loves the idea of what the future can look like with the invention of blockchain technology.




At the age of 11 Williams’ interest sparked with technology when he built his first PC using Lego bricks. Since then he has been heavily invested in the advances of technology, studying and developing the necessary skills to become a proficient programmer.


He went on to complete his studies of coding and programming where he excelled in his classes. He is currently undertaking further education in the field of Electronics and Communications. In 2017 he participated in the World Solar Car challenge, where he helped build, and race a solar car.


William has been following crypto currencies since 2009, when he began mining Bitcoin from a Laptop that he built himself.  Since then he has progressed to bigger and better mining rigs. He sees the real benefits of blockchain technology and wants to work with World Crypto Lotto to help crypto currencies become more mainstream.




Qin Chen graduated from translation studies at Guilin Tourism University in 2017. During


his second year at University, Qin began freelancing in the industry and has already offered translation services to clients ranging from academics to wine merchants, from film production groups to tourists. urrently he is employed by the New York based company “Day Translation”.


Being a Chinese native enables Qin mastery of the Chinese language. He has a strong work ethic as evidenced by his employment experience during his studies and also a down to earth mindset. Qin’s role will be to translate our products into Chinese, allowing us to break into the Chinese market.